Watermelon Cocktail

Watermelon Cocktail // 24 Carrot Life #watermelon #summer #rum

I am trying to eat up all the summer fruits and veggies that I can, as evidenced here, here, and here. That's why this month's Recipe Redux theme to showcase summer's bounty in a recipe was an easy one. I'm not a big drinker, but to survive the summer heat I crave refreshing cocktails around this time of year. Over 4th of July weekend, I attempted to make watermelon Read More »

Mediterranean Spiced Vegetable Flatbread

Mediterranean Spiced Vegetable Flatbreads // 24 Carrot Life #vegetarian #healthy #hummus #vegetables

I finally took the plunge and bought a new lens for my DLSR camera. I follow so many bloggers who praise their 50 mm lens, and I have been envious for too long! My parents bought me this 35 mm outdated model Canon lens on Amazon as a very belated birthday gift (my birthday was in February, btw) and I am already in love with it! I bought a 35 mm instead of 50 mm because my Read More »

Black Forest Smoothie

Black Forest Smoothie // 24 Carrot Life #cherries #chocolate #smoothie #vegan

In the summertime, I get REALLY excited about the return of farmers' markets and my favorite produce like berries! I am usually just cooking for one, so I don't need to buy too much food each week, but sometimes I just can't say no to all the fresh fruit at the market. Every now and then (read: pretty much every time) my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I end up buying too Read More »

Mango Coconut Tuna Cakes

Mango Coconut Tuna Cakes // 24 Carrot Life #sponsored #protein

Three years ago, I wouldn't have stepped foot in a room with an open can of tuna, let alone eaten it. The smell turned me off so much that I scrunched my nose at the mere thought of it. Fast forward to today and I'm a canned tuna advocate. Once you get past the smell (I still gag a little bit), you've got a portable, high protein, low-fat, and ready-made food that is a blank Read More »

Personal Red, White, and Blue Summer Berry Crisp

Red, White and Blue Berry Crisps // 24 Carrot Life #berries #blueberries #cherries #glutenfree

No holiday is complete without dessert, and what better way to celebrate 4th of July than with a healthy and easy dessert that puts summer berries to good use...and is red, white and blue?! This berry crisp is easily customizable- use whatever berries you prefer- and can be made in individual servings or in a larger pan for ease. I chose to go with cherries and blueberries Read More »

Cheddar Tomato Pie

Cheddar Tomato Pie // 24 Carrot Life

Not surprisingly, I don't talk much about high school on this blog. After all, I graduated seven years ago and way before I started this blog. For my junior and senior years of high school, I attended a New England boarding school, which was an amazing experience. I met people from around the world and was surrounded by ridiculously smart and talented people. The school was Read More »

Clean Eating Chocolate Soft Serve

Clean Eating Chocolate Soft Serve // 24 Carrot Life #cleaneating #chocolate #iifym #vegan #glutenfree

For someone who writes a healthy food and living blog, I still have some unhealthy tendencies. Every now and then I let my healthy eating go a bit. Travel is the hardest time for me to stay on track since I tend to think of it as a "vacation" even if it is for work. This past week I was in Vermont and Massachusetts for work and had pretty elaborate meals every day that I never Read More »